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24-Hour Emergency Service

Our Services: Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Our Expert Professionals realize the fact your business or home is the most important aspect of your life. When damaged by disaster, our emergency service personnel, specialists and friendly helpful staff, take the responsibility of restoring your property to heart. From the initial emergency service to the final inspection & completion of work, you, the customer and your property are the only concern.

CRS’s pricing is competitive and guarantees all of our work. We are also pleased to offer free estimates, where we assess the degree of damage then study the extent to which it needs to be restored and calculate the cost and time it will take. We offer various types of damage restoration and clean up services specific to each customer’s circumstances. Here is a brief look at the following services we provide:

  • Fire damage - Fires are economically and emotionally devastating. Fire Damage Restoration and repair is a complex process, requiring incredible attention to detail. Our Expert Technicians remove smoke, soot and odor from the structure and its contents. All contents are carefully photographed, inventoried, cleaned and packed down on-site or removed to a facility. In addition, if required, ozoning for smoke odor removal. Once the contents are restored to its original condition, we may provide storage while the repairs to your home are being completed. The most important part of the process is you, the customer. You will be kept informed and involved at every step in the process, from emergency services to the final inspection.
  • Smoke damage - Smoke and Fire Damage and smoke damage repair go hand in hand but sometimes fires with less actual fire damage generate heavy amounts of smoke & odor. These instances require additional cleaning & odor removal. We use activated charcoal filters on our air-scrubbers to further aid the removal of odor. In addition, if required, we can ozone directly on site as part of the restoration process.
  • Water damage - Water Intrusion into the built environment can quickly cause damage to the structure & contents of a home or business. CRS Rapid Emergency Response Time aids in combating the damage & immediate removal of excess water speeds the drying process, while our state of the art equipment completes the structure drying. Water damaged contents can be dried on site or brought back to our facility.
  • House Restoration – We perform detailed onsite cleaning & damage restoration. Whether from fire damage or water damage, Post-Construction or simply a through house wide cleaning, our technicians are trained to deal with all aspects of caring for your home and your precious possession. We take immense pride in our damage restoration work and stand behind our company.

When accidents happen, quick action can often help prevent further fire/water/smoke damage to your property and belongings. No one can prevent accidents fromhappening, but calling in professionals to handle the situation can keep the damage (and your clean-up costs) to a minimum. You need a team with skill, knowledge, and the right equipment for the job. CRS can handle all your emergency needs... 1-510-917-1240 Call today.

There is any number of situations in which it’s necessary to get immediate assistance in repairing your home or business. You might have a backed-up sewer line, or perhaps a severely damaged roof as a result of a fallen tree. It’s important to have qualified professionals evaluate the damage first–oftentimes; restoration costs can be limited by taking smart preventative action. For example, if your home is flooded or otherwise waterlogged, keeping mold from forming under carpets is key. Taking quick action to dry up any excess water may save expensive repairs down the line.

CRS has an excellent 24-hour emergency service option. They can come out to your home or business at any time, day or night. They have the right equipment to diagnose the situation and help them fix it without undue damage to your property. In a flood situation, a home’s carpet is often pulled up to dry the floorboards underneath. Although this does accomplish the end goal of drying the floor, it often results in permanent damage to a homeowner’s carpet. CRS can accomplish the same goal without removing your carpet, and sometimes they can even do so without disturbing your furniture. These extra efforts can mean so much as you’re responding to a disaster–the care they put into recovery shows their dedication to their customers.


Help Is Just a Phone Call Away, Any Day at Any Time

CRS has a wide variety of restoration services including fire, water, mold, and odor removal. Because of their wide range of expertise, you can turn to them for all your needs. When disaster strikes, you just want to get back to your daily activities and live life normally again–that’s their goal, too. Whether you want to remove smoke damage from a fire or prevent mold after a flood, CRS can get you where you want to be.